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shoestring home I think this shop is so flippin’ cute.  (My sister Cherie doesn’t know it- til now- but I’ve been making fun of her for saying flippin’ behind her back.  One day she called me really mad and she said it like 6 times.  lol) and of course they have a blog I love this.  I would love this to be my summer set.  It is so VERY different from any other linens I’ve ever had on my bed.  Tim would hate it.  :( I think this polka dot collection is fabulous!  :)  What a wonderful way to end your day.  I love ruffles.  Vintage button hairpins antiqued silvery votives adorable chandelier such a cute bag this one too- I might even try adding ruffles to a plain tote myself.  This is a little bird rattle for baby snowflake votives on clearance 35.00 for 3


Oh this site is fantastic!  Check out the video on how to get that 40’s look.  She’s cute. One of her posts lovely shoes in one of her posts This is the look she shows how to do in the video her cute kitchen another cute hairdo she wears another adorable pic of her   cute tops. I want every one. Oh just go check it out!  Too much to copy and paste.  It’s ALL cute!  Have fun!  FeeFee

new fav

You may not have noticed a new link I’ve added as a favorite so I wanted to point it out.  This one is great.  I’ve been following this blog for a while now.  I’m sorry to say I don’t know this lovely lady’s name but she has all sorts of great ideas for home projects.  She is super organized and gives great organization tips- a few of which I have used myself.  Check out her archives. Here’s her latest project- revamping a shoe shelf.  This is a great idea if you have the space for it by your entry- or back entry, or even in your closet.  one of the tips I recently learned from this site is this one:  If you have something wooden to paint- you can tack a few nails on the backside to prop it up so it doesn’t stick to the newspaper.  Smart.

how to make a paper crane

Ever wonder how to make a paper crane?  I think this would be really fun project to make a whole strand of these.  Check out the site below (Style Me Pretty) where I got this from for more inspiring ideas.     Some photos of paper crane from around the net: multicolored papercranes awesome paper crane light 1000 paper cranes (which means good luck) paper crane image strand of paper cranes teeny tiny paper cranes step by step directions: read this story about a Japanese girl who treid to fold 1000 paper cranes from her hospital bed: read the legend of folding 1000 paper cranes: Have fun folding paper cranes!!!  FeeFee

zen habits

I hope you enjoy these articles.  Have a wonderful day!  FeeFee   a very nice link with recipes and articles to help you live a more zen life: many more articles by the same author: popular posts by catergory: excerpt from Tips for Living in the Moment: It takes practice. But it can be achieved at times. To help inspire you to live in the moment, here are 5 great examples: Children. There’s no one better at being present than a child. I love to watch my three-year-old son, Seth, as he plays. He’s not thinking about what happened to him yesterday, or what he’s going to do later today. He’s Spiderman, and he’s fighting the bad guys, and nothing else in the world exists. If he gets mad about something, he overreacts, and nothing else in the world matters but what has upset him. But he’ll cry about it, and then soon return to normal, happy again, the offending situation forgotten without a grudge. He has no cares about tomorrow, and …

Hide your spare key

Glue a rock onto the top of an old prescription bottle then bury the bottle.  Make sure the bottle is big enough for your key.  Isn’t this clever?   I do not remember where I got this photo.  I am going to give a huge shout out to Apartment Therapy though.  I got a lot of my inspirational photos from them.  It is the coolest place on the internet!  Check them out!  I am hoping they will do a Phoenix edition soon! I really love their LA and Chicago editions the best but everthing on the site is awesome.  Many ideas for home decor, house keeping, intros to new artists, lots of DIY on the cheap and they give lots of sources.  Great job Apt .Therapy!  FeeFee

Etsy Finds

This is Etsy Cabinet of Curiosities Group.  If you like unusual  art,  handmade jewelry or vintage items you are going to love it! Have fun shopping or “fake shopping” as I do!  :)  Frida Kahlo mirror from Ring from : same as above Real seaweed pressing: same seller as above jointed paper doll from : vintage dress for $35.00 here: whirlygig necklace made from a real whirlygig!  (mapleseed) sterling silver heart : same seller as above Sticking Together- fine art photography signed on archival paper:  handmade ceramic “Bobo” figurine: The Spoon-Eared Child $10 for this print. A Butterfly’s Secret- necklace for $20.00 from here: pocket mirror made from vintage French Vet ad.  $7.00 Vision in a Bathtub Original collage entitled She Was Trained Well- I love it!   $48.00 A Simple Friendship Love this one too!  Last 3 from same seller $14.75 Cat Twins- same seller again $14.50- Reminds me of me and my sister Angie.  Why?  Because we used to dress a like when we …