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Link love- Mary Ruffle

Check out Mary Ruffle here Mary Ruffle.  Her site is fantastic.  She chooses the most inspiring, etheral photos.  It could just be a flower box that she is showing but the photo draws you in and makes you really “see” the flowers and appreciate the beauty.  Her clothes selections are right on too.  Just really cute.  Great job Mary!  Here’s a few I like:  How could you ot want to sink your toes into the sand after looking at this photo?  I like the table cloth, the dappled sunlight, the sunglasses and that tea looks yummy too.  Organization makes me feel good.  :)  These are the sweetest looking glasses and that lemonade looks yummy too.  I am inspired to do a cake post by this picture.  Coming soon onf FeeFeeRN’s blog!  :)    Pretty warm toned filter or effect on this one.  I wonder what scene she is looking at.  Remember those viewfinders?  I love those and kaleidoscopes.  There might be a kaleidoscope post coming too. :)  Lovely!

Link love

You will have to have this translated if you do not speak French.  (If you don’t know how- add it to googlereader- It will do it for you.  Go to and you can keep track of all of your blogs from all over the world). Her blog translates as One Day and not the Other.  Tilu is a teacher.  She repairs old teddy bears.  She loves to take photos.  She lives in Provence, France.She writes little peoms on her blog.  Here’ a sneak peak at some of her photos.  Going to this blog will transport you to another place.  Take a mini vacation.  You deserve it.  Her icon- looks like it is signed by Tilu. Tilu’s city A bouquet for you Tastes and colors Get your vitamins Passage Fat diet Lost Ball Tilu’s blog:

How to “follow” blogs

If you don’t already have a way to follow blogs, here is a program that I use that is super easy to figure out.  You can add my blog and any other one you want to follow.  It is like making a list of “favorites” for the blogs you love.  When you click on it (Google Reader) it gives you a little window of all the updates from all of your favs.  Once they are read theyautomatically delete from your list.  Also, it is a good idea to make a shortcut to your desktop!  It is free.  I haven’t had a single problem with it and tons of people use it.  Check it out!