“Honey Jars”

I recently heard this song for the first time and have listened to it over and over.  This is love.

I pick up a broken comb
Run it through my thin grey hair
Though I don’t have any plans tonight
I’m not going anywhere
Well, I should’ve seen this coming
Don’t know why I’m surprised
Every vessel on its way down
Takes with it the captain’s lifeThough I’m blind, my dear, I see
The parade goes on without me
My body aches, my mind, it weeps
For you, for youTonight I’m locked outside my building
Guess I must have lost the keys
So I’ll sit here on the sidewalk
Let the snow fall on my knees
And if I made it to a payphone
I don’t know who I would call
So for now I close my eyes and rest
My crooked back against the wall

I read that old men will see visions
Young men will follow dreams
I believed it when I read it
I see your face in everything
Now your honey jars are frozen
In the window your books have browned
And there’s too much room inside our bed
I think I’ll join you in the ground

Though I’m blind, my dear, I see
Let the chorus sing without me
My body breaks, my mind it sleeps
With you


I just watched Titanic (again).  It is just as moving the 5th or 6th time watching as it was the first.  Maybe more because I get to see all the little details that are sometimes missed in a movie so awesome and rich with characters  story and scenery alike.

As the boat was going down and they showed all the people- some still clinging on to their suitcases, money and belongings, some clinging to each other, the couple who stayed in the bed, the mother who read to her children one last time, the captain who went down with his ship and the many who were scrambling to survive- I wondered what I would do in a situation like that.  Would I be grace under fire or scramble for my life?  Would I accept my fate as death and be at peace?

I felt so sad when Jack died.  They were so young.  And so many real young people died in the real Titanic.  Such a tragedy.

But as a love story it was truly beautiful.  I hope to grow old with my husband but as a nurse I know that life is so fragile.  We truly need to appreciate every moment that we have with each other because NO ONE expects death to come when it does.  Even when it’s expected- it’s still somehow a shock and you always wish there was more time- just a little more time.


Watching Titanic reminds me that short or long we need to appreciate the life we’ve been given.  I need to make the most of my life, be happy for what I have and thankful for each day.   I never want to waste my time being angry.  I want to forgive and forget the bad times and cherish and remember the good.  I hope to spread a little joy and peace if I can.  I don’t want any regrets since I will only pass this way one time.

003 - behind the scenes titanic




Did you catch Titanic this time around?

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Hugs, FeeFee