Etsy Finds

This is Etsy Cabinet of Curiosities Group.  If you like unusual  art,  handmade jewelry or vintage items you are going to love it!

Have fun shopping or “fake shopping” as I do!  :) 

Frida Kahlo Te Amo  Pocket Mirror

Frida Kahlo mirror from

Alice Down the Rabbit Hole Sterling Silver Ring (Sizes 5-9)

Ring from : same as above

Original seaweed artwork (11734b) Alganet seaweed pressing

Real seaweed pressing:

Original seaweed artwork -6196- Alganet seaweed pressing

same seller as above

delicate heart - jointed paper doll set/print with 11 pewter brads

jointed paper doll from :

Vintage 1960's Pin-Up Wiggle Dress with Fringe Trim

vintage dress for $35.00 here:

Tiny Mapleseed necklace cast from Maple tree

whirlygig necklace made from a real whirlygig!  (mapleseed)

Sterling silver spiny pincushion heart necklace

sterling silver heart : same seller as above

Sticking Together 5x7 Signed Photograph

Sticking Together- fine art photography signed on archival paper:

Bobo birdy in light sea spray

 handmade ceramic “Bobo” figurine:

Bobo birdy in light sea spray

The Spoon-Eared Child

The Spoon-Eared Child $10 for this print.

A Butterfly's Secret - Necklace

A Butterfly’s Secret- necklace for $20.00 from here:

J'adore animals Vintage French Veterinarian mirror

pocket mirror made from vintage French Vet ad.  $7.00

Vision in a Bathtub

Vision in a Bathtub

She Was Trained Well

Original collage entitled She Was Trained Well- I love it!   $48.00

A Simple Friendship

A Simple Friendship

Lamb Bird Rider

Love this one too!  Last 3 from same seller $14.75

Cat Twins Silver Pendant

Cat Twins- same seller again $14.50- Reminds me of me and my sister Angie.  Why?  Because we used to dress a like when we were little, sleep in the same bed, take baths together and I always imagined us as twins!

Check it out

Exquisite  necklaces with pendants of stamps from your family’s country of origin plus a St Christopher’s medal.   Very pretty! 


polans pendant

Poland Pendant








Aren’t these so pretty?  Get yours here: 

About Elizaldi…

Being not only a designer but also a woman who loves fashion and art, I gravitate towards simple and unique beauty without a lot of fuss. I’ve had a passion for jewelry for many years and have always found unique ways to wear it. I have discovered that the simplest of outfits can be instantly transformed into something ultra stylish with the right jewelry.

I loved layering my jewelry even before it became a style trend. Our ever-growing and popular line, the Mia Collection, reflects this love of layering along with my affinity for art. I love the idea of wearing art. The Mia Collection is a perfect fusion of modern style meets old world beauty, encompassing antique stamp reproductions from around the globe…. (continued on website)

FeeFee Loves…

…this antique milk glass bracelet from Etsy.



and all this other stuff…


275,000 bracelet from tiffany's

This bracelet is $275,000.00 from Tiffany’s.  Hmmm…Do I want to have a house to live in or own this bracelet?  Think I’ll keep the house.  I know this is a little gaudy but I am oddly attracted to it the more I look at it.  Must be something about that one eye!   



fleur de lis earrings

mini bow

 butterfly pendant

octopus tentacles

Look closely- It looks like octopus tentacles


owls eye necklace

pretty goddess pendant

octopus earrings

matches the necklace



Whatcha think?