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LOL today!

pretty cakes and one creepy cake

  Really pretty cakes- beautifully decorated cakes- and a really creepy cake! BD cuppie cakes- num num num mmmmmm hello chocolate- get in my belly! mini cakes mini wedding cake.  Wouldn’t it be really cute to put one of these on each table instead of one large cake? they are so light and fluffy they are floating on air and one really creepy one… I think this is the definition of creepy.  Now I lost my appetite for cake.

This cracks me up

Found this list here Tumblrs like – Cats (lots and lots of cats) – Bob Dylan (don’t say you don’t, you reblog every photo of him) – Women (oh my god, you can’t find a photo of a man with more than one note) – Cats (yeah, again, you love cats) – Polaroids – Shoes – New York (trust me, you like NYC) – Gossip Girls (tumblr is dead during that show, if not, you are a Dr’s whatever fan) – Audreyhepburn – Lomo – FFFFound (don’t lie to me, you hit refresh every five seconds) – Flickr (who doesn’t?) – Quotes – Polaroid photos of cats – Paris (yeah, the one with a tower and a museum) – Love – Cats (is never enough with cats) – Oh, and Jim from The Office, you like him too. * Oh my god and I almost forgot cupcakes! You love cupcakes! (thanks rachelunleashed)