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Not a kitchen but I love the metallic finish on the bar. Hanging  pots like this is really popular and great space saver but it is not good feng shui.  Having any clutter overhead is bad news.  FYI if you care aout that sort of thing. Could you live with all this wood?  Eat in kitchen- just like old times.  Not a lot of counter space but check out the amount of storage they have.  This is a wonderful set.  Love this!!!   I guess I wasn’t sure where else to file this. 

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I love little squirrels.  My elderly, Polish neighbor, Anna, had a squirrel that she practically tamed because she fed it when it was a baby.  Domino, why, why, WHY did you have to go out of business????  I miss you.  Cute idea bringing in a locker Shabby chic.  Do you like this?  mmmmmm- marble.  I love white marble. It appears she took an old door or something and placed it on top of an existing island or cabinet.  Clever.    The idea to place a shelf like this on top a counter is genius.  What a great use of space.  I’m sure it is fastened to the wall for safety.

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Love this breakfast/coffee station.  I’m HORRIBLE about eating breakast.  Maybe something like this would help.  Or getting up a little earlier!  Don’t you love Julia Child and her Country French kitchen?  Pretty flowers on a pretty table. Lovely collection of vintage plates, cups and saucers.  Very nice!