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Some music I’ve been listening to

    Kylie Minogue & Nick Cave – Where The Wild Roses Grow  Nick Cave- Into My Arms   Morrissey- Jack the Ripper- a sweet live version. Morrissey- November Spawned a Monster article on Morrissey- discussing his depression and career: Morrissey revealed: “I find it shocking to look back at the period of The Smiths and to reflect upon the magnitude of doom that surrounded me every single day. I have no idea how I made it through my 20s. “It was impossible for me to agree to any aspect of life or to compromise with it. I think I doomed myself. The terms of my connections with other people were dreadful, and I couldn’t ever manage to feel responsible for my own life. He added on the demise of The Smiths: “I was forced to go solo, and I found myself going further with all my experiences of life, it helped me.”

new love

There’s a new love in my life and this song/video is it: I love this remake of the Sarah McLachlan song Silence by esOterica.  Unfortunately, the rest of their music isn’t doin it for me.  Too heavy.  Here’s a good Sarah McLachlan song I like too.  I heard it driving home with a friend after my first day of nursing clinicals 11 years ago and it will always remind me of that day and the patient I had.  This grumpy old man who hadn’t showered in ages- he let us get him in the shower and give him a good bath.  All of the nurses at the nursing home were shocked.  It was a good day.  The first nursing bath you give someone will leave you soaking wet and laughing.  I’ve seen many a new nurse do the same thing and feel the same accomplishment since.