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Classic beauty and style!

Jean Patchett

Jean Patchett 1926-2002 Vogue Model.  Modeled in the 40’s , 50’s and early 60’s.  In a period when models could be deliciously snooty, Ms. Patchett was more modest: not the girl-next-door type, but not as sophisticated as Ms. Parker, either. She was punctual and polite, often saying ”yes, ma’am” and ”no, sir.” When she introduced herself to an editor or a photographer, she said: ”I’m Jean Patchett. You don’t darn it. You patch it.”     So cute!  From: Enjoy the photos!  FeeFee   Jean Patchett official website:

I love Lucy

Lucille Desiree Ball was born in Celeron, New York on August 6, 1911. Her father died when she was only three, which required her mother to work long hours to support the family. As a take-charge youngster, Lucy took it upon herself to take on odd jobs to help bring in some extra money for the family—the oddest of these jobs being a “seeing-eye guide” for a blind soap peddler. Lucy learned to be independent from a young age and did not to rely on others to meet her needs. This trait grew strong in her and carried through into her adulthood. Lucy left for New York City’s John Murray Anderson Drama School when she was 15. Although her love for acting and performing was deep within her, she felt outshined by the other glamour girls enrolled in the school, especially the star pupil—a brunette beauty named Bette Davis. This caused Lucy to become shy and unconfident in her drama classes, and her instructors were continually frustrated with her. Eventually the school sent her home …

The most beautiful gown I’ve ever seen

This is kind of a Cyd Charisse part 2, if you will… At exactly 2 minutes and 35 seconds into this video you will likely bring your hand to your mouth and gasp at the first sight of this gown as I did.  You will also most likey rewind to make sure you’re eyes did not deceive you and indeed this is the most beautiful gown you’ve ever seen.  FeeFee   By the way- at about 48 seconds-check out how she throws his head down on the table!  LOL  and…check out how she inserts a coin into the juke box.

Cyd Charisse

Here you go- A very nice Cyd Charisse photo collection! “I never thought of myself as a ‘Star’, not even after I made my biggest films,” says Cyd. “Perhaps that’s because I am basically an introvert. I knew that I loved working, performing. What the public made of it was their business. I hoped that they liked me and admired my work, of course, but that pedestal they stuck me up on was insignificant in my view.”~Cyd Charisse She had been called the greatest female dancer of ALL TIME.  Cyd Charisse had polio as a young child and recuperated by taking dance lessons when she was 6 years old with her father’s encouragement.  By the age of 14 she her tenacious work effort got her accepted into Ballet Russe. She was born “Tula Elisse” (don’t you love it?) but had the nickname Cyd because a sibling couldn’t pronounce “Sis.” On November 9, 2006, in a private White House ceremony, President George W. Bush presented Cyd Charisse with the National Medal of the Arts and Humanities, the highest official …

Rita Hayworth

Soooooo many pictures of Rita Hayworth on the internet.  It was hard to choose so here’s a ton of them for you to enjoy!  She was just so photogenic.  I thought about putting little captions under each pic but there is nothing that I can say that you cannot see for yourself.  Classic beauty.  And of course she worked hard and developed her talent of dancing into a huge success.  She was known to say,  “There are two reasons for my success and I am standing on both of them.”   Enjoy the pics and have a great day!  FeeFee  Be sure to watch the short clip of her at the end of this post.  Her grace is beautiful and so is her gown!!!!  It is the second most beautiful gown I have ever seen.   By the way, this woman did everything Fred Astaire did AND she did it in heels!  The famous Life photo of her on her own bed, silk sheets and all: The “love goddess” image was cemented with Bob Landry’s 1941 Life magazine photograph …