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a bit of history

    Soldier going ashore on D-Day, – by Robert Capa, June 6, 1944 At 6:31 a.m. Robert Capa landed in the first wave on Omaha Beach. He captured ‘bloody Omaha’ in what turned out to be a world famous photo sequence. Capa described the morning, “After the pre-invasion breakfast at 3 am with hot cakes, sausages, eggs and coffee, served on the invasion ship by white-coated waiters, at 4 am the invasion barges were lowered down into the rough sea. The men from my barge waded in the water. I paused for a moment on the gangplank to take my first real picture of the invasion. The boatswain who was in a hurry to get the hell out of there, mistook my picture-taking attitude for explicable hesitation, and helped me make up my mind with a well-aimed kick in the rear. The water was cold and the beach still more than a hundred yards away. The bullets tore holes in the water around me and I made for the nearest steel obstacle.” His three …

more old photos

Veterans helping each other out with a light.  Could you imagine losing BOTH of your hands?  I’m glad their lives were spared though.  Fancy new car Love her shoes.  A poor family on their porch.  I’m so glad for modern conveniences like washing machines and dishwashers.  Could you imagine doing laundry like this for a large family?  I’m sure they didn’t have as many clothes or wash them as often but still it must have taken all morning to wash and hang them dry.  Look at the carriages lined up on the street.  Standing in line for the picture show.  Look how dressed up they are.

Old farms and picnics

I love vinatge photos like this one.  They remind me of growing up near the Kankakee River in a small town called Shelby, Indiana a summer day 1951 Simple and lovely Ozarks Who doesn’t love a picnic? What a cute silver tea pot.  A real old country buffet Nebraska I love that they brought their own table and tablecloth.  Check out how many bottles of wine they have.  One for each I think.  LOL  A family and their farm animals.  What a cute little set up. 

Returning home

Home for the Holidays. 1945 WWII   Famous photo of solider kissing a nurse off the street spontaneously on VJ day. It is reported that the nurse slapped him afterwards.  Several people have come forward saying it is them in the photo.    and some more modern welcome home pics: May all of our troops come home safely and soon.  FeeFee