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old photos

Does anyone still make a special occasion out of going out for ice cream?  Once T took me out on a date to Papa’s Deli in Crown Point, Indiana to buy me bubblegum ice cream.  We went back another day for sandwiches (the good homemade kind with fresh bread).  I’m pretty sure Papa’s Deli is still on the square in Crown Point.  DQ and Cold Stone just aren’t the same.  1939 Selling chickens at a farmer’s market. 1880 The Four Little Dudes 1908 That boy looks miserable.  1910  Ever have a dollhouse? 1912 You just don’t see people carrying boxes like this down the street anymore. I wish I could see the details better.  Love those little country stores.  My parents owned one of these in Indiana when I was growing up.  Everyone knew each other in town.  My dad bought our german shepherd off of our milkman.  My father also owned the town’s only gas station and my brothers worked there while the girls worked in the store.  This pic is like 60+ years …

Old photos of animals

                                                                 The following are all from Africa:                                                                                                                                                        

Old Photos

Old photos acquired from around the internet.  I think they are fascinating.  Maybe you do too?   WW II France Black boy reading with some onlookers.  Little Black Sambo was originally written in 1899 and was a favorite book at the time.  It was only later when Sambo became a racist term that the book became controversial.  The story was well loved because the little boy was resourceful and outwitted some tigers.  He was well dressed and smart.  Like many other books at the time Sambo was crudely drawn in the image of a picaninny.  The book was later changed to Sam and the Tigers and images changed to reflect a more realistic looking black child.   A bit of African American history for you.  A girl and her dolls.  Looks like she’s not giving any of them up any time soon.  some men hanging out a farmer 1899 classroom 38th Steet and 7th Avenue in New York 1936 girl with a  jell-o clown 1936 General Store   Well, guess what?  I have a whole bunch more of these …