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Flickr Finds

Found some neat pics of Flickr recently so thought I’d share a few.  Still loving those polaroids… same as above same source as above So pretty!  Roses grow well out here.  I tried my hand at roses in Indiana but they were just so-so.  I can’t wait to try growing them out here.  When looking for homes out here we saw this one backyard that was done by a landscaper.  We almost bought that house and backed out at the last minute.  We truly love a garden and realized we were going for it mostly for the garden which can be recreated over time anywhere else.  So now we have a bare backyard that I cannot wait to “lushen up” (but a better house and better location). This pic is from an old abandoned pediatric hospital.

Link love

You will have to have this translated if you do not speak French.  (If you don’t know how- add it to googlereader- It will do it for you.  Go to and you can keep track of all of your blogs from all over the world). Her blog translates as One Day and not the Other.  Tilu is a teacher.  She repairs old teddy bears.  She loves to take photos.  She lives in Provence, France.She writes little peoms on her blog.  Here’ a sneak peak at some of her photos.  Going to this blog will transport you to another place.  Take a mini vacation.  You deserve it.  Her icon- looks like it is signed by Tilu. Tilu’s city A bouquet for you Tastes and colors Get your vitamins Passage Fat diet Lost Ball Tilu’s blog:

Cyd Charisse

Here you go- A very nice Cyd Charisse photo collection! “I never thought of myself as a ‘Star’, not even after I made my biggest films,” says Cyd. “Perhaps that’s because I am basically an introvert. I knew that I loved working, performing. What the public made of it was their business. I hoped that they liked me and admired my work, of course, but that pedestal they stuck me up on was insignificant in my view.”~Cyd Charisse She had been called the greatest female dancer of ALL TIME.  Cyd Charisse had polio as a young child and recuperated by taking dance lessons when she was 6 years old with her father’s encouragement.  By the age of 14 she her tenacious work effort got her accepted into Ballet Russe. She was born “Tula Elisse” (don’t you love it?) but had the nickname Cyd because a sibling couldn’t pronounce “Sis.” On November 9, 2006, in a private White House ceremony, President George W. Bush presented Cyd Charisse with the National Medal of the Arts and Humanities, the highest official …

Photo fun (again)

Having fun with Poladroid.  You can download it from and convert your regular pics into faux polaroids.   I have a flickr account but haven’t posted anything yet.  Maybe I’ll put these up.  Grand Canyon Grand Canyon Buster and Francine.  Inside looking out. Buster Pretty sunset in our backyard. Somewhere by the Grand Canyon- taken by Timmy or Anna Grand Canyon (all the Grand Canyon pics were taken by Timmy or Anna 2008) Grand Canyon Timmy- Phoenix, AZ 2008 another shot of  the pretty sky from the backyard Grand Canyon Grand Canyon Grand Canyon   Isn’t that very cool?  Go have fun with your photos now!  FeeFee

Dorothy Lamour

   Beautiful photo   I wonder if that was her own dog.  Loving the hair, the shoes and her expression Beautiful lines and shadows and what about this dress?! lovely I like this softly lit pretty pose. I saved my favorite for last.   Sharp, sophisticated and effortlessly glamorous.   Dorothy Lamour was born Mary Leta Dorothy Slaton.  (1914-1996) She was a pin up girl who was first known for her tarzan type movie “Ulah” then “The Jungle Princess.”  That wasn’t all she was though.  Lamour’s good humor and lack of pretension allowed her to have a remarkably long career in show business for someone best known as a “glamour girl.”  She proved herself as a comedic and dramatic actress with her films regularly earning the most money for the time (1940’s).  Lamour alone promoted the sale of over $21 million dollars worth of war bonds.  I think that is incredible!  She was also a talented singer.  She chose “Lamour” because it is the French word for love.  She was in films from 1933 – 1987!  She also …

Plants in our yard

Sharing some pictures I took today from around the yard.  Bouganvillea- frontyard Bee Balm- frontyard I think this is called a Bottle Brush- frontyard Strange but neat cactus-  backyard Frontyard-the bouganveillea is in bloom almost all year here.  It is getting massive. Our entrance View from across the street in the frontyard Pretty weeds growing along our street (across the street) Cactus from my sister Angie.  Cacti that haven’t gotten planted yet.  I really like the one on the left.  It looks like it has a little halo of flowers on it.  Bouganvillea in front with the sun hitting it.  When the sun is on it, it almost glows.  Orange tree- backyard     Purple bouganvillea in the front Backyard