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artworks done by my lovely and talented husband

Dining Room

You may have noticed that since I’ve taken this pic (above) we moved T’s art to the bedroom.  This pic is nice and clear though.    Buddha He has a purple amethyst on his forehead. Purple is the color that evokes our highest spiritual energy, and that is why in ancient times this color was largely reserved for the cloaks and robes of royalty and clergy.  Purple can be said to be a color of independence, in the sense of having the will to follow our Divine calling instead of the callings of others. And this Divine calling is one that will help manifest God’s will on Earth, in the special ways that our individual Souls desire us to do so Amethyst is also commonly used to facilitate the emotional calmness that must precede prayer, meditation, and attunement to God.  This one is called Lady with Bird of Paradise.  Both were done by the same artist.  Carved from hibiscus wood.  If you like the hibiscus wood carvings, check out this artist’s work   This is another carving …