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artist Camille Allen

I love miniatures.  I love looking into dollhouses and seeing teeny tiny things.  I am a nurse but originally went for dental hygiene.  As odd as it may seem, I wanted to be a dental hygienist so I could work with those tools in a small space  like the mouth.  I’ve asked my dentist for old scalers so I can have them at home.  (Tim uses them for sculpting).  They were sterilized, by the way!  I have one in the junk drawer and I love having to take it out because I need to get into some tiny area or crevice.  Another odd thing is that I have had dreams since as far back as I can remember and still to this day about having miniature people and animals.  I liked Gulliver’s Travels and The Indian in the Cupboard very much.  I also love detail.  I love Alice in Wonderland because there was so much to look at and think about.  This artist, Camille Allen, sculpts these teeny tiny baby “dolls” which, to me, are …

Artist Bruce Metcalf

Bruce Metclaf is a jewlery maker/metal artist/writer.  The following are some of his works form the 90’s.  Go to his website (below) for more recent work.  I like this style the best.  I think his work is curious, quirky and  maybe a little disturbing.  I like small artwork for some reason, miniatures, or scenes with a lot of different things going on.  I believe all of these are brooches.        website: blog: Pewter Peanut with box.

Souther Salazar

Do You know the work of Souther Salazar? I love his tiny sculptures the best.  I love his creativity and imaganation.  I imagine him having fun creating these characters with detailed stories to go with each piece.  Enjoy!  FeeFee Slurpy Mixed media 2 1/2 x 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 inches Lightbulb Balloon (orange) Mixed media 6 x 3 x 2 inches The Day We Escaped Mixed media 3 1/2 x 3 x 6 inches Bartholomew Mixed media 4 x 3 x 3 inches A Retired Cleaner of Attics Mixed media 3 x 5 x 2 inches images from here: Memory of a Giant Mixed media and collage on panel 5 x 4 feet Images of Salazar is his studio from here: Salazar’s MySpace page: Interview with Salazar: I think this might be my favorite Salazar painting.  Lastly, flickr images- these were done for the magazine Juxtapoz.  T gets this magazine.  It is so cool.


Watch Andrew, a boy bullied by classmates for singing, sing his his heart out in front of a huge crowd on Britain’s Got Talent.  He was not the final winner but continues to let his light shine.  Go Andrew!   his website: you can listen to his track list here:

T’s Gift

How is your Saturday going?  It is in the 80’s today!  T and T2 both have to work today.   :(  T has an art show for his students.  He had an inservice yesterday.  His school had an artist by the name of Junya Shao come in to talk and give a demonstration.  She specializes in making tea pots.  She gave each of the teachers a wonderful gift!  This is the teacup made by one of her students that T received.  I love the lid.  Junya Shao is a famous international ceramic artist. She uses the Zisha clay (Purple clay)which is a natural product, traditional tools and slab technique to handmake her teapots. She  transforms a thin paddled slab into a perfectly symmetrical form.  The roots of this ancient technique date back 1000 years to the Song Dynasty. Working from the foundation, her works are contemporary expressions of own ideas about color and form.  She also like to make some teapots that emulate objects of nature, creating a space for contemplation during the drinking of tea, to original purity and simplicity, to rediscover …