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Bathrooms 8

white marble- my fav This tub allows two people to soak up to their necks.  I prefer a bath to a shower and mostly take baths at night.  I fear if I had this tub I would never get out!  Then again, those red, thick hot towels would be nice to come out to. 

Bathrooms 4

I think our master bathroom should be glammy for sure.  Maybe we will then go in a different direction for the main bath.  Spa-like bathrooms are supposed to be great for resale.    Like the white marble counter. Interesting cabinetry Skylight and soaking tub are nice. This is really close to what I’d like for our master bathroom.  Modern and glammy at the same time.  and they have a skylight- cool. 

Bathrooms 3

I like these sconces a lot.  So sunny! adorable! We eventually would like to remodel our master and main bathrooms.  My only problem is deciding which way to go.  There are so many beautiful designs out there.  I love to see how creative different people are.  I love this soaking tub but wouldn’t need the tv in there.  The only things I know for sure that I want are this:  natural light some sort of cool tiles soaking tub white marble countertops Everything else is up in the air.


Hot pink tub.  Nice! Sweet in a country sort of way.  My style for sure.  Cute storage ideas. I like the storage ideas.  Sideways baskets and vintage cannisters.  not a bathroom but love this wall for a bathroom This is so lovely.  Doesn’t it make you want to soak in a hot tub right now?