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long overdue cuteness!

I’m sorry I was bad.  I will never do it again.  Nice try humans.  Let us show you how it’s done! Welcome to my world.  Wanna play?  OK Now I want a baby hedgehog! Cats + Swimming = This face I kill me. ar matey!  You are SO in my bed!

cute baby animals

Just a lil bit of cuteness to brighten up your day!  Hugs, FeeFee an armful of love darling panda cute puppy belly.  look at that tongue, and the teeny tiny nails, and those pink paws and tiny ears.  soooo cute.  squirrels enjoying a sunny day Is this your dog?  Snagged it from a website a long time ago.  Baby Jake. Super duper cutie.  :) such a sweetie gray fuzzy kitty cat

artist Camille Allen

I love miniatures.  I love looking into dollhouses and seeing teeny tiny things.  I am a nurse but originally went for dental hygiene.  As odd as it may seem, I wanted to be a dental hygienist so I could work with those tools in a small space  like the mouth.  I’ve asked my dentist for old scalers so I can have them at home.  (Tim uses them for sculpting).  They were sterilized, by the way!  I have one in the junk drawer and I love having to take it out because I need to get into some tiny area or crevice.  Another odd thing is that I have had dreams since as far back as I can remember and still to this day about having miniature people and animals.  I liked Gulliver’s Travels and The Indian in the Cupboard very much.  I also love detail.  I love Alice in Wonderland because there was so much to look at and think about.  This artist, Camille Allen, sculpts these teeny tiny baby “dolls” which, to me, are …

INspiration: Warm Fuzzy BFF Stories

We humans could learn a lesson from these stories.  A lesson of tolerance, what unconditional love is, acceptance of those who are very different, teamwork and the importance of friendship and just being there for someone who needs you regardless of their looks, status in life, race or what anyone else might think.  May we all expand our love today!  FeeFee They’re an odd couple in every sense but a monkey and a pigeon have become inseparable at an animal sanctuary in China. The 12-week-old macaque – who was abandoned by his mother – was close to death when it was rescued on Neilingding Island, in Goangdong Province. After being taken to an animal hospital his health began to improve but he seemed spiritless – until he developed a freindship with a white pigeon. The blossoming relationship helped to revive the macaque who has developed a new lease of life, say staff at the sanctuary. Now the unlikely duo are never far from each other’s side, but they aren’t the only ones to strike up an …

Special delivery-cuteness

  This is Wooly.  I wanted to adopt her and her brother Sasquatch but I got the thumbs down from Tim. Booooo. (too much hair) Sasquatch So now this is the kind of cat we would like to have one day.  We decided not to get a cat anytime soon because we have a doogy door.  We would want a strictly indoor cat and can’t block the doggy door.  This kind of cat is called a *Peterbald or Sphinx.  *Future post to be about this kind of cat.