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ZuZu’s day out

  This is Baby ZuZu. He is really sweet and very inquisitive. He is surprisingly fast for a tortoise.  He has cute little elephant-like back legs and the tiniest cutest tail.    We are thinking of renaming him to Henry or Wally.  He had his first vet appointment yesterday.  He had to get an x-ray of his leg.  It was broken before we got him and is healing.  He does not have an infection but might have a limp for life.  The injury is appoximately 6 weeks old.    We found out he is 3-4 years old.  The vet said if he had to guess he would say he is a boy but it is too early to tell.  We won’t know for another 4 years!  We found out we are doing everything right.  We are going to be making a larger pen and larger burrows next weekend.  We got the ok for him to hibernate.  I’ll show pics of the new pen when it is completed. 

Sharing some photos

I took some pictures today of our new baby tortoise, ZuZu.   Resting in her burrow.  She is not really shy and sticks her head out a lot usually.  She is pretty active too.  She sleeps with her neck stretched out and her head lying on the ground which is super cute to see. You can see her sore on her front right foot.  On the move.  She is a good climber.  She really isn’t so sure about Francie.  But as far as Francie is concerned she has a new BFF.  She doesn’t try to do anything to her but just can’t keep her eyes off of her when she is out of the pen.  They are never left together alone. Here are some other  misc.  pictures I thought I’d share:  AZ landscape Timmy and Aunt Gerrie.  Taken at the white coat ceremony where he took the osteopathic oath and received his first white coat.   a pic of Timmy that I like a huge bug we found on our screen outside.    Tim working on some …