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40’s hair

 I’m going to wear my hair like this!  I can almost get it into a victory roll but it is just a tad too short.  I’m definitely doing some variations of this gorgeous 40’s pin up look.  I love it!   I love this pic of Rita Hayworth.  This is the victory roll I want to do.  A flower on the side would be perfect. 

how to make a paper crane

Ever wonder how to make a paper crane?  I think this would be really fun project to make a whole strand of these.  Check out the site below (Style Me Pretty) where I got this from for more inspiring ideas.     Some photos of paper crane from around the net: multicolored papercranes awesome paper crane light 1000 paper cranes (which means good luck) paper crane image strand of paper cranes teeny tiny paper cranes step by step directions: read this story about a Japanese girl who treid to fold 1000 paper cranes from her hospital bed: read the legend of folding 1000 paper cranes: Have fun folding paper cranes!!!  FeeFee

Inspiration Boards

Have you tried this yet?  It is a great way to display your inspirational items, ideas, reminders, photos- anything you want to change often.  I’ve done it and I love the way it looks.  It is neater than  a bulletin board.  I just used wire and nails and some clips that are normally used for hanging curtains but anything would work.      this one is made from an old door.  check out the post here:

covered hot water bottle

Cover a water bottle or heating pad with an old turtleneck sweater.  It would make having to use one a little more comforting and it looks a lot cuter, don’t you think?  You could also cover an ice pack with flannel material.  I’m going to do it!  FeeFee from notebook magazine online

fuzzy ottoman

Again, I can’t remember where this was from- if you know please let me know!  I think this is such a cute idea to cover a thrifted ottoman/bench with this kind of fabric.  (They used a piece of old flokati rug here).   If you have pets- wouldn’t this be a really cute alternative to those pricey pet beds?  I imagine my dogs loving this if it were next to a window or at the foot of my bed.   


DIY!    I think it made my white shirt a little less boring. This was so quick and easy to make.   How to make a recycled scraps necklace (which is very similar to the straps on my braided tablecloth bag): 1. Take your scrap fabric, I cut a .5”-1” snip and tear the rest of the fabric down for a nice frayed edge. Used 3 different fabrics for each strand. 2. Take 3 of the torn pieces and tie the ends together with a rubber band.  3. Braid the 3 pieces together and tie ends together with rubber band when done. 4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 for more strands. Remember you can make the strands any length you want, if run out of fabric, just weave more into the braid. 5. Once all the strands you want are braided, gather one end of each strand together and straight stitch together with sewing machine. Repeat for the other ends of the strands. Snip off any excess. 6. Gather ends of the necklace and sew together (snip …

Hide your spare key

Glue a rock onto the top of an old prescription bottle then bury the bottle.  Make sure the bottle is big enough for your key.  Isn’t this clever?   I do not remember where I got this photo.  I am going to give a huge shout out to Apartment Therapy though.  I got a lot of my inspirational photos from them.  It is the coolest place on the internet!  Check them out!  I am hoping they will do a Phoenix edition soon! I really love their LA and Chicago editions the best but everthing on the site is awesome.  Many ideas for home decor, house keeping, intros to new artists, lots of DIY on the cheap and they give lots of sources.  Great job Apt .Therapy!  FeeFee