May all beings be warm and safe tonight

Our water froze again last night.
My sister’s ears now have frostbite.
We huddled up to Momma to try to stay warm
As she shivered beside us in the cold winter storm.
She cried and cried to tell of our pain.
But all of her cries went unanswered in vain.
It’s morning now – will there be any food?
We’ll pick through the spoiled and look for some good.
We heard them say the truck is coming today.
Momma’s so sad ‘cause they’ll take us away.
Don’t they understand we’re too young to go?
Little pups like us still need Momma so.
Here they come. Off we go – no time for goodbye.
How many will make it? How many will die?
The cage is now empty. Momma’s all alone
In the tiny wire prison that is her home.
She cries and wonders is it God’s will
To spend her whole life in a puppy mill?
She prays for someone to take her away
To a home with a yard and children to play.
And a family to love her, who really will care
And accept all the love she’s so desperate to share.
She once was a tiny pup like me
Who didn’t deserve this. Why can’t they see?
I’d do what any good son would
And take her place if only I could.
To see her free would be so nice
After all she’s had to sacrifice.
But I can do nothing, no matter how hard I try.
So I just say ” love you, Momma. Goodbye.”

beautiful dogs

My little dog – a heartbeat at my feet.  ~Edith Wharton

Dogs are miracles with paws.  ~Attributed to Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy

Dog won’t leave his deceased owner’s side:

Faith the 2 legged dog

Buster update


Baby Buster is having some sort of twitching problems.  I think it is petit mal seizures but the vet thinks it is a pulled muscle or even a slipped disc.  He’s been on bedrest for a few days and isn’t getting any better.  He had 6 episodes today.  Tim was able to get it on video today so tomorrow we are going to take the video in to the vet.  Poor little guy.  We are very concerned.  He’s been by our side 24-7 since this twitching started.  He’s already on antiseizure medication due to a couple of life-threatening seizures he had.  (During one his temperature got up to 108 degrees).  He has Valley Fever which is a fungal infection in his brain so is also on antifungal medication.  The vet said most dogs recover 100% but there are a few who don’t make it through the treatment.  He has the best personality and has been with us for 8 years so far.  We are hoping for many more to come.  The pics of me and Buster were taken 6 or 7 years ago.  They are my fav of us though.    He’s my little sweetheart. 



2-13-02 chrissie bus3


buster looking at me


Here he is (below) all cozy on Mama’s lap:buster so cute

The other day on the way home from the vet we stopped at Taco Bell drive thru.  The girl at the window said “He’s kinda cute.”  KINDA!  duh!  He’s only the cutest dog EVER!  :)


Me and Bussie

buster tongue out

He’s a Daddy’s boy too.

Mail! Mail!

I got my book from Eldad today!  It is wonderful!  I wanted to give a huge thank you to Eldad for the book and for everything he and his beautiful wife, Audrey are doing to help save stray, shelter and injured dogs.  It is such a joy to know there are people like them in the world. 

I found this poem online.  The Prayer of a Stray.  I would like to dedicate it to Audrey and Eldad and say that you two angels have answered some of these dogs prayers! 

Sincerely, Chris


The Prayer Of A Stray

Dear God, please send me somebody who’ll care!
I’m tired of running, I’m sick with despair.
My body is aching, it’s so racked with pain.
And dear God I pray as I run in the rain,
that someone will love me and give me a home.
A warm cozy bed I can call my own.
My last owner neglected me and chased me away
to rummage in garbage and live as a stray.
But now, God, I’m tired and hungry and cold.
And I’m afraid that I’ll never grow old.
They’ve chased me with sticks and hit me with stones
while I run in the streets just looking for bones!
I’m not really bad, God, please help me if you can.
For I have just become a “VICTIM OF MAN”!
I’m wormy, Dear God, and I’m ridden with fleas
and all that I want is an owner to please!
If You find one for me, God, I’ll try to be good.
I won’t run away and I’ll do as I should.
I don’t think I’ll make it too long on my own,
cause I’m getting so weak and I’m so all alone.
Each night as I sleep in the bushes I cry,
cause I’m so afraid, God, that I’m gonna die!
And I’ve got so much love and devotion to give,
that I should be given a new chance to live.
So, dear God, PLEASE, PLEASE answer my prayer
and send me somebody who WILL really care…

Author Unknown

Please support them on their mission to save more dogs by buying his beautiful book for $10.00.  100% of proceeds go back to the dogs! 

See my previous post here:

Jewels - waiting to be adopted by Eldad Hagar (Please support Hope For Paws).

photo by Eldad Hagar (one of his rescue dogs)

Eldad Hagar- someone you should know!

If you have $10 to spare and love dogs, you might want to buy this book by Eldad Hagar. 

Go here to view some of the many dogs this wonderful person (and his wonderful wife!) have rescued. 

Fifi by Eldad Hagar (Please support Hope For Paws).

This ones name is Fifi!  :)

Elphy - a minute after coming from the shelter where she was scheduled to be euthanized by Eldad Hagar (Please support Hope For Paws).

This is one minute after this dog was scheduled to be put to sleep.  Elphy found a home!

Kissing Roise  :-) by Eldad Hagar (Please support Hope For Paws).

Eldad kissing one of his foster dogs, Rosie.

Rest in peace Bradley (Please read below) by Eldad Hagar (Please support Hope For Paws).

This is Bradley and here is his story:

“We rescued Bradley from the shelter last night, and today I took him to a neurologist.

The doctor had only sad news for Bradley…

We agreed he should go to sleep and not suffer this severe hydrocephalus. (as you can see, his head is weirdly shaped due to a lot of fluids in his head / brain).

I didn’t want to let him go yet, so from the vet I took Bradley to the beach, I sat with him, played with him, and I fed him many cheeseburgers and fried chicken.

We sat there for two hours, and after that I took him to the vet’s office right on the beach, and he went to sleep forever :-( ” ~ Eldad Hagar

R.I.P Bradley by Eldad Hagar (Please support Hope For Paws).

Bradley was blind and likely had a very bad headache from his condition- which could have been prevented! 

I found out about Eldad and his cause through this blog post:

Most of his dogs are from a shelter or found on the streets of LA.  They are in need of medical treatment due to neglect, being hit by a car, etc.  100% of the proceeds from the book go back to the dogs.  This man goes out on the streets and gets these dogs himself.  He traps them with egg mcmuffins and for a really tough case he uses burgers from Jack in the Box!  He’s been bitten, pooed on, peed on, vomited on and sometimes all 4 in the same day.  God bless him for what he does for these animals! 

Sad and depressed... by Eldad Hagar (Please support Hope For Paws).

Taz- one minute after leaving the shelter- sad and depressed. 

Taz - a few days later - Happy, Happy, Happy by Eldad Hagar (Please support Hope For Paws).

One bath and one week later. Happy Happy Happy!

Runny nose - Please read below by Eldad Hagar (Please support Hope For Paws).

This is Jewels the day she was picked up from the shelter.

Jewels - getting better by Eldad Hagar (Please support Hope For Paws).

Getting better.

Jewels - waiting to be adopted by Eldad Hagar (Please support Hope For Paws).

Awaiting her adoption! 


This is Eldad’s plea (from his profile)


My name is Eldad Hagar. I moved to the U.S 10 years ago, and I LOVE it here :-)

Before you’ll get bored with my profile, I’ll tell you that our Non-Profit Animal Rescue Organization (501C-3) called “Hope For Paws” is in trouble. The economy is bad and we get no donation to help us save the animals, and unfortunately, people are not really buying the book telling the story of our rescued animals.

Without either one of these, we won’t be able to save dogs like Bradley, and Harvey and Dolly, and it’s just not fair that so many animals will die because we had no money.

I have no other choice but begging for help. I know the economy is bad, and I know money is tight now, but that’s why we priced the book so low. (only $9.95 for a 100 page, full color, hard cover book).

All the money we are getting from the sales of this book go directly towards saving more homeless animals… we never get paid… we volunteer our time and some money we have, but when a surgery cost $2,000, it’s just impossible without some help from people who love animals.

Please support our rescue and help us save more animals.




Go here to buy the book:

Go here to see the animals he and his wife have rescued:

and please, if you are considering buying a dog or cat, think about the wonderful thing you can do by adopting from a shelter instead! 

Hugs, FeeFee


All photos are by Eldad Hagar and are just a sampling of what you will receive in his book!

Photo fun (again)

Having fun with Poladroid.  You can download it from and convert your regular pics into faux polaroids.   I have a flickr account but haven’t posted anything yet.  Maybe I’ll put these up. 


Grand Canyon


Grand Canyon


Buster and Francine.  Inside looking out.




Pretty sunset in our backyard.


Somewhere by the Grand Canyon- taken by Timmy or Anna


Grand Canyon (all the Grand Canyon pics were taken by Timmy or Anna 2008)


Grand Canyon


Timmy- Phoenix, AZ 2008


another shot of  the pretty sky from the backyard


Grand Canyon


Grand Canyon


Grand Canyon


Isn’t that very cool?  Go have fun with your photos now! 


Something’s Happening….

My hits went from 60 to 260 in less than 24 hours.  I do have followers but they are just invisible!  They are coming by the hundreds now…soon it will be thousands!  I am on FIRE!  :) 


Happy Friday to you! 

Do you have any weekend plans?  T is off today so we will be hanging out together. 

He took the dogs for a run early this morning. 

This is how they look after a run: 



I think his tongue is too big for his mouth.  What do you think? 


One more of the tongue- just because…



And this is how they look the rest of the morning:




 I’m having a headache and sore jaw and teeth this morning.  My teeth were bothering me after the dentist yesterday and I was grinding last night.  I sometimes where a mouth guard for the grinding but they still hurt even with the guard.  Anyone else a grinder?  What do you do to prevent it, if anything? 

My DH, T, said I was grinding loudly and with a lot of force so he tapped me on the head to try to stop me!  How sweet!  (I asked him if it worked and he said he thinks it did!)

muscles used during teeth grinding

This is not my mouth but after seeing this pic I can guarantee you I will be wearing my guard more often!  


I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!  I hope the weather is sunny and warm wherever you are!