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FeeFee News

  Wondering what all the excitment is about over here?  Well, I landed a job today!  As you can see I am very optimistic about this new opportunity.  I will be working as a nurse in the area of home health around Phoenix, Scottsdale and Glendale.  I start tomorrow!  Wish me luck!  :)  FeeFee

Phoenix Zoo

My sister Cherie came out for a visit.  We went to the zoo the other day.  Here are some of the photos.  We had to take her to the airport this morning to go back home to Chicago.  :(  Enjoy the zoo pics!  FeeFee lagoon domestic cattle mountain goat pink flamingo zebra stripes sleeping lion  more stripes untrimmed palm trees warthog squirrel with a mini palm giraffe elephant reaching up to get some food from the tree tortoise stripes again stingray stingray large, loud parrot Iguana bamboo tiger pretty path this one is from my sister’s hotel old town set up at the zoo camel very large sago palm.  mine is dwarfed in comparison. another pretty path bougenvilla on a bamboo trellis orengantan one tired boy named Rocco on the way home.  :)

Alyssa’s graduation day

Alyssa with her boyfriend Steven Yesterday we went to my niece, Alyssa’s, graduation.  It was so nice.  Didn’t think I would but I got a little tear in my eye thinking that this is the same girl whose diaper I changed!  And thinking about all the birthdays and occasions and Alyssa growing up to be the woman she is today.  I am so very proud of her and love her so much!  Here are a few pics from yesterday:  Graduation girl! Here she is on the jumbotron-right after she got her diploma.  Aubrey, Timmy, Alyssa and me- those three are cousins but as close as brother and sisters. I’m so glad Timmy was able to make it for this special day for Alyssa (he is moving out of state soon) Alyssa and her boyfriend Steven. I think she looks amazing in this color blue.  Angie’s family: Rocco, Aubrey, Joey, Alyssa, Angie. It was great that Joey was able to fly out for this day too.  A better picture of Rocco- he was waiting for his sister’s …

For my man

Happy Birthday to Tim, my best friend, lover and soul mate.  Honey, I love you because… You are fun to hang out with even when we’re doing nothing. You have ALWAYS been there with a kiss and hug even if you don’t know what to say. I have never doubted your love for me- not once, not even for a second. We are getting gray hair and wrinkles together.  We are sounding boards for each other. You don’t judge me. We are equal partners in this relationship. You do not entertain foolishness or compromise your integrity. You are loyal, honest and treat me with respect.  You make me feel beautiful when I am with you. You are a good provider. You are not a “yes” man.  You make me smile when I don’t think I can. You are “home” to me.   You are weird!  (Don’t worry that is the highest compliment) You have somehow managed to never raise your voice at me even when I have been flying off the handle, acting stupid, out of control …

For My Son

Happy 23rd Birthday Kiddo!       I didn’t write the original poem but this was modifed by me to give you the words in my heart… Son, There are no words to express how much you mean to me, A son like you, I thought could never be. But on the day you were born I just knew, God sent me a blessing- and that was you. For this I thank Him every day, You are the true definintion of Son in every way. It is because of you my life has meaning, Becoming a Mom has shown me a new sense of being. I want you to know that you are the purpose of my life, Out of everything I did- It was you that I did right. Always remember that I know how much you care, and that I am so thankful for the relationship that we share.  And whether we are together or apart Please don’t ever forget- You will always have a piece of my heart!    Timmy, Nothing could make me prouder than I …