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Flickr finds

Variety of Flickr finds.  Loving the lil monkeys the best.  Did you know that humans and chimpanzees share 98 % of similar DNA?     source source source source source  I reallythese monkeys. source source

Flickr Finds

Found some neat pics of Flickr recently so thought I’d share a few.  Still loving those polaroids… same as above same source as above So pretty!  Roses grow well out here.  I tried my hand at roses in Indiana but they were just so-so.  I can’t wait to try growing them out here.  When looking for homes out here we saw this one backyard that was done by a landscaper.  We almost bought that house and backed out at the last minute.  We truly love a garden and realized we were going for it mostly for the garden which can be recreated over time anywhere else.  So now we have a bare backyard that I cannot wait to “lushen up” (but a better house and better location). This pic is from an old abandoned pediatric hospital.