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I was called a racist today

I liked a video tutorial  (see photo above and click link here for the tut ) which resulted in a dialogue with another Instagram user. It ended by her calling me a racist if I adopted this look.  You can see it all in the comments if you go to the post (if they are not deleted by now). I have always loved and admired super curly hair ever since I laid eyes on Diana Ross as a kid. (I actually have been collecting some pics of Diana Ross and there’s a post coming soon about her.) I am white and my hair is naturally straight. I mean SUPER straight. I don’t have to flat iron it to achieve that look. It doesn’t even have the slightest hint of a wave. No body to it, flat-against-my-head straight.  Not even a cowlick. I don’t hate it. It has its advantages too. I love that is is super soft and silky.  I love that it rarely frizzes. I love that,  when I have the right cut,  I …

40’s hair

 I’m going to wear my hair like this!  I can almost get it into a victory roll but it is just a tad too short.  I’m definitely doing some variations of this gorgeous 40’s pin up look.  I love it!   I love this pic of Rita Hayworth.  This is the victory roll I want to do.  A flower on the side would be perfect.