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Not a kitchen but I love the metallic finish on the bar. Hanging  pots like this is really popular and great space saver but it is not good feng shui.  Having any clutter overhead is bad news.  FYI if you care aout that sort of thing. Could you live with all this wood?  Eat in kitchen- just like old times.  Not a lot of counter space but check out the amount of storage they have.  This is a wonderful set.  Love this!!!   I guess I wasn’t sure where else to file this. 

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Hi Bloggers!  I like you.  I really do!  I’ve been getting lots of traffic and some nice comments so Thank you!  I’m not sure I’ll keep up with this when I am working again and when my free trail runs out but I’m just going to see how it goes.  It’s a really fun hobby for now though! I will definitely keep posting until my space runs out.   Here is some kitchen inspiration for you today!  Hugs, FeeFee I love this stuff from IKEA.  I used the same stuff in our old kitchen.  It doesn’t fit well in this house though.  I love how BRIGHT this kitchen is.  Source unknown. quaint. I don’t think this person cooks.  Where is all their “stuff?”  Nice idea for dividing a space like this though.  Nice skylight. Sweet.  from: designismine  Just cute.  I imagine a good meal coming from this kitchen.  :) The blue moldings are cute.  I also like the warm comfy feel of this table and chair set.  It looks like a great area to have a nice …