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kitchens 11

I love little squirrels.  My elderly, Polish neighbor, Anna, had a squirrel that she practically tamed because she fed it when it was a baby.  Domino, why, why, WHY did you have to go out of business????  I miss you.  Cute idea bringing in a locker Shabby chic.  Do you like this?  mmmmmm- marble.  I love white marble. It appears she took an old door or something and placed it on top of an existing island or cabinet.  Clever.    The idea to place a shelf like this on top a counter is genius.  What a great use of space.  I’m sure it is fastened to the wall for safety.

kitchens 10

Love this breakfast/coffee station.  I’m HORRIBLE about eating breakast.  Maybe something like this would help.  Or getting up a little earlier!  Don’t you love Julia Child and her Country French kitchen?  Pretty flowers on a pretty table. Lovely collection of vintage plates, cups and saucers.  Very nice!