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Ann Sothern

Born Harriette Arlene Lake January 22, 1909(1909-01-22) Valley City, North Dakota Died March 15, 2001 (aged 92) Ketchum, Idaho Spouse(s) Roger Pryor (1936-1943) Robert Sterling (1943-1949) Sothern was born Harriette Arlene Lake in Valley City, North Dakota, but was raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she graduated from Central High School in 1927. She also attended the same school with classmate Edward Heimberger (later to become known as Eddie Albert), who was already a senior. Sothern left home very young and began her film career as an extra in the 1927 film, Broadway Nights at the age of 18. During 1929 and 1930, she appeared as a chorus girl in such films as The Show of Shows and Whoopee! (as one of the “Goldwyn Girls”). She also appeared on Broadway and had a trained voice, occasionally singing in films. On Broadway in 1931, she had leading roles in America’s Sweetheart (135 performances in which she sang “I’ve Got Five Dollars” and “We’ll Be The Same”) and in Everybody’s Welcome (139 performances). Read more at Timeless Ann …

Hedy Lamarr

Born  Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler November 9, 1914(1914-11-09) Vienna, Austria Died January 19, 2000 (aged 85) Orlando, Florida Years active 1930 – 1958 Spouse(s) Fritz Mandl (1933-1937) Gene Markey (1939-1941) John Loder (1943-1947) Teddy Stauffer (1951-1952) W. Howard Lee (1953-1960) Lewis J. Boies (1963-1965) Hedy Lamarr (November 9, 1914 – January 19, 2000) was an Austrian-born American actress and scientist. Though known primarily for her acting (she was a major MGM contract star), she also co-invented an early form of spread spectrum communications technology, a key to modern wireless communication.[1] Did you know she was featured on this Corel Draw package?  Read more at Wikipedia   Enjoy these beautiful pictures of smart and sexy Hedy Lamarr!  FeeFee

Wild Fire Tallulah Bankhead 1902-1968

She was a pistol!  loved jazz music smoked like a chimney and drank like a fish  was an exhibitionist with a flamboyant personality       “my father warned me about men and booze but he never said anything about women and cocaine.” “(on why she called everyone “darling”) Because all my life I’ve been terrible at remembering people’s names. Once I introduced a friend of mine as ‘Martini’. Her name was actually ‘Olive’.” “”Codeine…bourbon…” (Tallulah Bankhead’s last words)” flirted with women and men equally “Only good girls keep diaries. Bad girls don’t have time.” Bankhead Outrageous, outspoken, and uninhibited are just a few adjectives that described Tallulah Bankhead’s personality. Most people who met her never forgot her -and she made sure of that! At the age of fifteen, she stormed out of her home state of Alabama like an April tornado, determined to gain attention and recognition. She did achieve stardom working in virtually every medium – stage, screen, radio and television – but her fame was attributed more to her outrageous antics than for her work. …