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pretty orchid nap zone! the art work is made out of pebbles pink pampas grass- available from amazon I like the plants that are on top of the fence.  Nice use of space and creates more privacy. purple passion gynura A secret garden!  an outdoor shower. interesting little planter Be warned- bamboo roots can be voracious spreaders.  Look for the non-invasive types or plant in containers.  Some roots are “runners” and others are “clumpers.”  You want the clumping kind. (wealth of information here)

Outdoor Spaces- Part Deux

 More pretty outdoor spaces to enjoy.  Ahhhh I love summer!  Is it warm out where you live yet?  FeeFee Mother of Thousands plant.  In the right area it will take off like crazy.  Grows really fast even in sandy soil.  All the plants I’m showing in my posts are for the warmer zones.  (Zones 9-10) I live in AZ.  Grows in FL too. I really like the little covered bar area with the counter.  This is called a Hindu rope plant and I want one. Hindu rope plant I wish I knew where these were from.  I like them a lot.  I love cannas and bananas and other big leafy plants.  So tropical looking.  I have one that is taking off like crazy.  Might need to replant it in a different area so it has more room to grow.  (this one isn’t mine) This is called a Mule’s Foot fern.  It is a Hawaiian plant so I’m not sure how it would do here but I want to try it.  It is nice and hot …

Outdoor spaces

I bet some good times have been had at this place.  I love sidewalk/front yard gardens.  cute use of a balcony- overhead trellis made from pvc and bamboo. That’s all it takes is some chairs to make a nice little outdoor area.  I like the use of this tiny space.  balcony garden They put up a tent outside and this is how the inside looks.  I’d sleep out there on a nice night for sure.  If it got too cold you could pop right back into the house.  My kind of camping. :)  Kitty likes it too.  I like this furniture.  More to come.  Hope your having a beautiful weekend!  FeeFee

Indoors and Outdoors

 What a nice spot to do your computing!  I’m not a fan of chalk paint but in this picture it almost looks like it made a neat affect on the wall- like concrete.     The red chair on the right is really nice.  Since I lived in a small house (800 sf) for so many years I am still attracted to small spaces and try to make cozy, little corners in this house.  Big, empty spaces feel cold to me.  See more of this place here: Some other lovely pics I came across… Nap Zone!   This must be screened in or something.  I wish I could see the whole room.  I’m taking this idea!  I love succulents.  So pretty and easy to care for here in AZ. It looks like this was done without a lot of money or space which is why I like it.  Everyone should be able to have a little corner in the world to call their own.  I like the trellis idea.  Private, sweet little walkway/sideyard.  This tent would be nice to …