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ZuZu’s day out

  This is Baby ZuZu. He is really sweet and very inquisitive. He is surprisingly fast for a tortoise.  He has cute little elephant-like back legs and the tiniest cutest tail.    We are thinking of renaming him to Henry or Wally.  He had his first vet appointment yesterday.  He had to get an x-ray of his leg.  It was broken before we got him and is healing.  He does not have an infection but might have a limp for life.  The injury is appoximately 6 weeks old.    We found out he is 3-4 years old.  The vet said if he had to guess he would say he is a boy but it is too early to tell.  We won’t know for another 4 years!  We found out we are doing everything right.  We are going to be making a larger pen and larger burrows next weekend.  We got the ok for him to hibernate.  I’ll show pics of the new pen when it is completed.