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Phoenix Zoo

My sister Cherie came out for a visit.  We went to the zoo the other day.  Here are some of the photos.  We had to take her to the airport this morning to go back home to Chicago.  :(  Enjoy the zoo pics!  FeeFee lagoon domestic cattle mountain goat pink flamingo zebra stripes sleeping lion  more stripes untrimmed palm trees warthog squirrel with a mini palm giraffe elephant reaching up to get some food from the tree tortoise stripes again stingray stingray large, loud parrot Iguana bamboo tiger pretty path this one is from my sister’s hotel old town set up at the zoo camel very large sago palm.  mine is dwarfed in comparison. another pretty path bougenvilla on a bamboo trellis orengantan one tired boy named Rocco on the way home.  :)